SRT-18R IP68 Waterproof Resetable Tach/Hour Meter
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Model No.: SRT-18R

Resetable Tach / Hour Meter for ,Marine, Motorcycle, Snowmobil, ATV, chain saws...

Item Description

The LCD Tach/Hour meters track RPMs and running time for all types of gasoline powered engines. The operation of the Tach/Hour meter is connected by5 ft. insulated wire. You will wrap the rpm wire around the spark plug for around 5 times. The unit is activated by the spark of the engine.

  • Easy to install
  • Suitable to 1/2/4 stroke gasoline engine
  • LCD digital display (5 Digit Display)
  • Default maintenance reminder interval 5H/10H/20H
  • Show engine both hours of operation and RPMs
  • Max RPMs Recall function
  • Read up to 60,000 RPMs
  • Single hours can be reset to zero
  • No power connection required (Internal batter CR2430)
  • 6 Colors: black, red, blue, yellow, green and orange
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Warranty for one year

Item Photos

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